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BW Lawyers is a team of experienced lawyers specializing in litigation and business law and compensation cases. Business and personal commitment to serve customers from all over Polish makes the firm is recognized as a trusted advisor with proven skills. What distinguishes us from other law firms, this is how we perceive our relationship with customers. The BW Lawyers try to make all customers feel confident that we are working for him. We believe that a commitment to communication and personal approach to each client is the basis of our work.




Law firm offering legal services for entrepreneurs provides a comprehensive legal supervision conducted by our client business. We offer support in the creation, transformation and liquidation of companies. The offer office is also legal support of management, supervisory board and shareholders meetings and shareholders. We provide legal advice tailored to the requirements, needs and expectations of the customer.

For customers who want to start a business law firm provides comprehensive services in the field of founding and administrative services company. The service includes advice on choosing the best form of organization, PKD, registration of companies in the National Court and the service is the registration code and VAT. For customers opting to rent offices offer preferential financial conditions as part of our offer Virtual Office. Some companies, including among others, general partnership, limited partnership, limited liability company may be formed and registered with the Internet in an accelerated mode 24 hours. The company is created using the standard contract provided by the Ministry of Justice. The articles of association is standard, and the freedom to set his or her own records is partially limited.

For customers seeking to end the current business law firm offers comprehensive services in the proceedings and administrative services in the course of liquidation. For customers who want to reduce the cost of office rental and administrative costs, we offer preferential financial conditions as part of our offer Virtual Office. According to the art. 282 § 1 of the Code of Commercial Companies, the purpose of liquidation of LLC It is the end of the current activities of the company, recovery of receivables, fulfillment of obligations and the liquidation of the company. The procedure for the liquidation of LLC with an indication of its most important stages and the requirements of the regulations.

As part of the legal services we offer:

  • support in building the business strategy of the company
  • proposing adequate capital ties
  • tax optimization companies of our clients
  • the formation and registration of companies in Poland and abroad
  • protection of shareholders and members of management boards
  • service board, supervisory board, general meetings
  • advice on minimizing the risk of commercial transactions
  • choice most favorable form of security
  • representation in civil, administrative and criminal

Additional offer of Virtual office

BW Lawyers offers the possibility to use the offer of a virtual office, as an alternative to the costly hiring and conduct their own office. We offer a prestigious location in the center of Wroclaw, together with full support for e-mail and traditional mail, phone and enable organizing meetings. Our office is a place completely safe, protected against access by unauthorized persons.

  • handling incoming mail - up to 10 shipments per month
  • Information about the coming of correspondence - within 24 hours
  • outgoing correspondence service - up to 5 monthly shipments postal,
  • shipping correspondence - within 24 hours
  • prestigious office address in Wrocław - ul. Legnicka 52
  • providing a meeting place - 1 h in a month
  • guarantee document security and discretion
  • professional service offices and correspondence
  • cost of service: 200 EURO + vat / 1 month

BW Lawyers Legal Office - Contact details

Contact person:
mobile: +48 607 535 683 – legal adviser Wojciech Basiewicz
e-mail: wojciech.basiewicz@bwlawyers.pl


BW LAWYERS Kancelaria Radcy Prawnego
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50-049 Wrocław

mobile: +48 71 3070223 – office
e-mail: biuro@bwlawyers.pl

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